The Teacher Recharge Podcast

#TeacherProbs W/ Gabby Jarvis

October 29, 2018


Today's Guest: Gabby Jarvis

Gabby Jarvis is an Elementary School Music Teacher in Wichita, Kansas. She graduated from Friends University with a degree in Music education and enjoys helping children learn more about and gain a passion for music.

She is the leader of the Arnold Palmer Band and has performed around Kansas and other parts of the United States. She is energetic, caring, and an all star at serving young people!

In today's episode we head to Twitter and then finish up with another great story time!


Gabby Jarvis:

Instagram: @ShabbyGab

Twitter: @gabby_jarvis

Facebook: The Arnold Palmer Band

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Twitter/Instagram: @fred_nation

Business Account: @tableofluv

Facebook: Fred Motivates


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